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Miller Food Co.

We provide organic foods with best nutrients and great taste to balances out your busy every day life

Commercial menu is available now

Please contact us if you are interested become a Stockist

All Ingredients are Australian Certified Organics.

Unless Stated Otherwise.



No Preservatives

No Artificial Flavour

No Colouring

100% pure goodness in it

Prepared Meals

Ensures that we have the time to make everything in-house from the freshest organic ingredients delivered daily.

We do not  buy in pre-packaged processed foods and instead our chefs make everything using authentic recipes.

Raw Fermented Vegetables

Hand cuts and pounding into traditional German Crocks and left fermented naturally at least 45 days period with room controlled temperature.

We aim to have the longer fermentation as long as we could to create the best sauerkraut.


5 Days Daily Catering

We only use Fresh and healthy Ingredients not Frozen. 

Order needs to be placed three (3) working days before delivery time.