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Why Organic ?

Why Organic

Organic food provides you with a clean, nutritious and environmentally friendly way of eating. Organic food is grown, harvested and packaged without the use of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, additives or chemicals of any kind. This means it is grown the way nature intended. And so it tastes the way nature intended.

Because there are no harsh chemicals used in growing organic produce, it encourages sustainable farming methods. For example, organic farmers will use traditional crop rotation to keep the soil healthy and full of nutrients rather than using artificial fertiliser. Crops are netted to keep the birds away rather than using harsh pesticides.

So, yes, sometimes it can cost a little more, however the superior taste and the long term health benefits make it well worth it.

As organic farming becomes a larger industry in Australia, prices will continue to fall, and we are dedicated to supporting local growers, increasing demand and lowering prices of organic food for everyone.

All authentic organic foods and products are certified. The certification label ensures that a stringent set of tests and standards have been met at every stage of the products journey from the farm to consumers.



Organic certification is when an organic certifying group audits a farm to ensure that they comply with national or international standards. Basically, it sets the bar at a certain height on a range of things. Among other things, certifying bodies ban the use of artificial chemicals. They also prohibit bringing animals or feed that has not met the same standard onto the farm (or selling it as ‘organic’)



Biodynamic is organics taken to a higher level, it is a type of organic farming that produces food the way nature intended. Farmers use a range of methods including biological activator preparations to enliven the soil, plants and do not use artificial chemicals on the animals, plants or the soil.

Demeter is widely regarded as the premier certifying body for biodynamic farmers. A Demeter certified farm follows the national organic standard as well as the Demeter biodynamic standards.



Biodynamic takes all the influences on the plant into account. Farmers try to balance these influences so that the plants can grow naturally to their full potential. The health of the animals depends on the health of plants on which they feed – just as our health is influenced by what we eat.

Biodynamic farming looks upon the soil and the farm as living organism. It holds soil life as essential to sustainable farming. Biodynamic begins with the concept that all parts of the farm work together as a single entity. With farm development being largely driven by the life in the soil.



There are some who claim to be organic or even biodynamic, but those are not certified. Make sure you know where the sources of your food come from. Also you will find however, the taste and texture quite different, dramatically so in some meats like chicken, which is firmer to carve and richer in flavours. As our meat is generally leaner and free of any chemicals or preservatives you will also find the meat easier to digest and less bloating.


We only use sustainable fish and seafood

At all of these current events we are spreading the word of the importance of Seafood Sustainability. It is important to give a positive message; about what we can do and what fish we can eat. Unless we think about this properly, then our fist stocks will get more depleted. There are many fisheries around the world that are striving forward to be certified as being sustainable.


At Miller Food Co. we believe in supporting these fisheries and spreading a positive and constructive message about what fish you can eat. We should be eating fish but most importantly we should be supporting the sustainable harvesting of the fish. So the Earth will keep rotating in its balance.